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Artificial Intelligence Live Chat in 2018

In 2007 Yachting Limited won the best freestyle bot in a Microsoft bot development contest. Our bot allowed a customer to request yacht charter quotes by having a natural conversation with yachtbot using Instant Messenger. Since then it has become increasingly common to see live chat features in the bottom right hand corner of a website. Users love these and happily enter their requests into them so that they can instantly connect with the business that they are trying to communicate with. A...
Tuesday 2nd January 2018

Apple Slow Down Old iPhones

For some time iPhone users have speculated that Apple have been secretly slowing down old iPhones when they release updates for them. Apple have just confirmed that they have indeed been deliberately slow down older iPhone models without telling customers that they are doing so. They say that it is not in order to encourage users with older handsets such as the iPhone 6S to upgrade to their latest handsets though I suspect this is what users will do when they realise that their phone has sud...
Thursday 21st December 2017

Be My Eyes For Android

Of the millions of apps that are launched many of them are a waste of time, either because they are dire or because they are so compelling they literally waste your time. The Be My Eyes app falls into neither of these categories because it is an app that provides social good. The concept is simple. When a visually impaired user requires help with a task they fire up the app which connects them with one of over half a million sighted volunteers. Sighted volunteers provide simple help such ...
Thursday 5th October 2017

Bing Predicts Scottish Referendum Outcome

I'm very impressed to see that Bing can predict the future based on its research as it crawls the Internet. Companies have been analysing social media posts during an event before, usually with the help of a hashtag but this is the first time I am aware of a search engine trawling newspaper articles to predict an outcome. Bing's predictions are still in their early days but the results are highly impressive. It predicted virtually every winning team in the Brazil World Cup. As a Scot who l...
Tuesday 16th September 2014

We Taught Them Not To Click

For many years we have been educating users that they should take care not to click links in emails that they were not expecting. The message about the dangers of phishing emails has got through and consumers are good at deleting emails that they think are suspect. A problem that we have been noticing is that website owners are having their websites suspended because they are unaware that the new WHOIS Data Reminder Policy (WDRP) emails that they are receiving are legitimate. These emails ...
Monday 19th May 2014

Are You Cookie Compliant?

More than nine months since all UK websites were required to gain 'implied consent' from their users to use cookies to monitor their website visits most websites are still not doing so. The benefits of the EU directive that have lead to this law are debatable but it is now the law so companies have to abide by it by asking their users for consent. Many of the websites that are telling users that they are using cookies do nothing more than tell users that they are using cookies. We provide...
Tuesday 12th February 2013