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Bing Predicts Scottish Referendum Outcome

I'm very impressed to see that Bing can predict the future based on its research as it crawls the Internet. Companies have been analysing social media posts during an event before, usually with the help of a hashtag but this is the first time I am aware of a search engine trawling newspaper articles to predict an outcome. Bing's predictions are still in their early days but the results are highly impressive. It predicted virtually every winning team in the Brazil World Cup. As a Scot who l...
Tuesday 16th September 2014

We Taught Them Not To Click

For many years we have been educating users that they should take care not to click links in emails that they were not expecting. The message about the dangers of phishing emails has got through and consumers are good at deleting emails that they think are suspect. A problem that we have been noticing is that website owners are having their websites suspended because they are unaware that the new WHOIS Data Reminder Policy (WDRP) emails that they are receiving are legitimate. These emails ...
Monday 19th May 2014

Are You Cookie Compliant?

More than nine months since all UK websites were required to gain 'implied consent' from their users to use cookies to monitor their website visits most websites are still not doing so. The benefits of the EU directive that have lead to this law are debatable but it is now the law so companies have to abide by it by asking their users for consent. Many of the websites that are telling users that they are using cookies do nothing more than tell users that they are using cookies. We provide...
Tuesday 12th February 2013


YouTube Video
The good news is that I am very happy with the 1080p video from the GoPro HD Hero2 helmet cam. I'm looking forwards to using it to take some great footage out on the water next month. The sad news is that GoPro have just launched the Hero3 which is smaller, lighter and twice as powerful. I am consoling myself with the fact that as I'll just be using the footage on a web page the higher quality will not be noticeable but can't help thinking that the quality of GoPro's demo video is stunning.
Monday 22nd October 2012

Hop Case

YouTube Video
A company called the Cargo Collective have invented a suitcase that follows you around. It is a clever idea and must have taken a lot of work to create their prototype but unfortunately it does not take much imagination so spot flaws in the concept: - Will take up a lot of space and add weight to case - If batteries run out you will loose your luggage - Easy to steal - Very slow - Looks unstable (make sure you pack everything low down) - Will not cope with crowded airports (the only kind...
Tuesday 16th October 2012

Marine Raspberry PI

I've taken the first steps towards creating a marinised version of the no frills Raspberry PI computer. Having received one of the very first versions in May I am glad to have been finally able to test the cute PC with a view to creating a prototype Yacht Plotter data logger. Whilst the PC is only 55mm x 90mm as you can see I have some way to go in creating a splash resistant case (not to mention a convenient power supply). My next step is to reach out to other people that are using their PI'...
Friday 29th June 2012