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Volvo Ocean Race Women

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The Volvo Ocean Race are in the midst of announcing a raft of rule changes and the first change is an interesting one. The gist of the rule is that you can have a maximum of seven men (one less than previously) or eleven women on a yacht if the crew is all of the same gender. This is similar to the 2014-15 race where Team SCA was an all woman team with more crew members than the male boats. Team SCA rotated a lot of their crew members between legs but despite this the came second last. When yo...
Saturday 14th October 2017

Be My Eyes For Android

Of the millions of apps that are launched many of them are a waste of time, either because they are dire or because they are so compelling they literally waste your time. The Be My Eyes app falls into neither of these categories because it is an app that provides social good. The concept is simple. When a visually impaired user requires help with a task they fire up the app which connects them with one of over half a million sighted volunteers. Sighted volunteers provide simple help such ...
Thursday 5th October 2017

Hurricane Irma Damages Yacht Charter Fleets

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The Caribbean yacht charter industry is used to dealing with the hurricanes that batter their islands every Autumn. To cope they take their large fleets to "hurricane holes" where the mangroves protect the yachts from the worst of the wind and waves. Paraquita Bay is a popular hole. This is where The Moorings and Sunsail take their large cat fleets for protection. Unfortunately Irma battered her way through Paraquita Bay and has caused what surely must be millions of dollars worth of damage ...
Wednesday 6th September 2017

Shoe Dog

Bill Gates recommended that I read Shoe Dog. I read Shoe Dog. It is the autobiography of Phil Knight, the founder of Nike, and is a compelling story about how a student from humble beginnings set up what is now the world's largest athletic shoe manufacturer. The main thing that I found striking as I read the book was that it was a company that struggled to pay its bills for many decades. Their sales kept growing until they had millions of dollars of turnover each year but there was a cons...
Tuesday 5th September 2017

Customer Tweets Tesla for New Feature and Elon Delivers

It is refreshing to see social media used correctly by a large company. Many times replies to suggestions that customers make on Twitter are bland or politely worded excuses. I have a lot of respect for the can do attitude of Elon Musk at Tesla and his reply to a Tweet on August the 19th has reinforced my opinion that he is refreshingly proactive. Paul Franks Tweeted "@elonmusk can you guys program the car once in park to move back t...
Thursday 24th August 2017

Edinburgh Yachtsman Wins YJA Yachtsman of the Year

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Congratulations to the novice deaf sailor from Edinburgh, Gavin Reid, who won the prestigious YJA Yachtsman of the Year 2016. Gavin beat off many of his yachting heroes to win the award for his bravery when he volunteered to leave the safety of the Clipper yacht he was crewing on out in the south Pacific ocean to swim to another yacht, scale the swinging mast and rescue a crew member that was tangled in the rigging.
Thursday 12th January 2017