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Edinburgh Yachtsman Wins YJA Yachtsman of the Year

Congratulations to the novice deaf sailor from Edinburgh, Gavin Reid, who won the prestigious YJA Yachtsman of the Year 2016. Gavin beat off many of his yachting heroes to win the award for his bravery when he volunteered to leave the safety of the Clipper yacht he was crewing on out in the south Pacific ocean to swim to another yacht, scale the swinging mast and rescue a crew member that was tangled in the rigging.
Thursday 12th January 2017

Bearded Adventurer Undertakes First LEJOG Sailing Record

One of my modern day heroes is the bearded adventurer Sean Conway because of his inspiring "can do" attitude. When he thinks about a challenge he then rapidly gets on and does it. This has culminated in him being the first person to complete a length of Britain triathlon. He's not sailed much though. Infact I venture a guess that he has swam further than he has sailed. That's about to change though. He's teamed up with experienced racers Phil Sharp and Alex Alley. They will set off up th...
Thursday 3rd December 2015

Charter Yacht Breaks Another Transatlantic Record

Congratulations to the crew of Leopard which was the first yacht to finish the ARC race with an astonishing time of 8 days, 14 hours and 39 minutes over the 2,700 nautical mile course. In doing so it has beaten the previous record by almost 55 hours. Leopard is now the holder of four transatlantic records. What I find most impressive about these achievements is that Leopard can be switched from being a record breaking racer to a luxury charter yacht by swapping her spinnaker for a lightwei...
Friday 5th December 2014

A Preview of the Antigua Charter Yacht Show 2014

Each year in early December, the Caribbean yachting season kicks off with the much-loved Antigua Charter Yacht Show, as over 90 superyachts converge on the beautiful island to show off their charter attributes. Far from the commercial buzz of Fort Lauderdale and Monaco shows, the Antigua event offers a more relaxed and personal experience, welcoming brokers and press on board to experience first-hand the luxury and professionalism of the internatio...
Tuesday 28th October 2014

Bing Predicts Scottish Referendum Outcome

Bing Predicts Scottish Referendum Outcome
I'm very impressed to see that Bing can predict the future based on its research as it crawls the Internet. Companies have been analysing social media posts during an event before, usually with the help of a hashtag but this is the first time I am aware of a search engine trawling newspaper articles to predict an outcome. Bing's predictions are still in their early days but the results are highly impressive. It predicted virtually every winning team in the Brazil World Cup. As a Scot who l...
Tuesday 16th September 2014

The Benefits of a Yacht Wedding

Many clients call us for weddings on yachts in the Miami, Fort Lauderdale or NYC areas. Getting married on the water is a fun, unique and original venue for a wedding and not as expensive as you may think; in the first place, weddings and other special events on yachts are generally organized as all-inclusive packages that may include the wedding ceremony, (generally performed by the Captain or an officiant of your choice), the champagne toast, table center pieces, the Wedding cake, ceremony set...
Thursday 4th September 2014

Resume Rafiki Rescue

We are surprised that the search for the four crew of Cheeki Rafiki was called off so quickly by the US and Canadian coast guards. It is unlikely that they were able to do an effective search of the area given the poor visibility during the search phase. PLBs being activated by the crew over a period of time of time very strongly suggests that the crew are still alive and that they are likely to be in their 12 man liferaft. As a commercial yachtmaster I am surprised that the search was called...
Monday 19th May 2014

We Taught Them Not To Click

For many years we have been educating users that they should take care not to click links in emails that they were not expecting. The message about the dangers of phishing emails has got through and consumers are good at deleting emails that they think are suspect. A problem that we have been noticing is that website owners are having their websites suspended because they are unaware that the new WHOIS Data Reminder Policy (WDRP) emails that they are receiving are legitimate. These emails ...
Monday 19th May 2014

News Anchor

YouTube Video
Dutch news reporter Claudi Groot Koerkamp learnt a little bit more about boats and how cold rivers can be when she tried to interview the major of Kampen. This might be perhaps the only time that a major's chains of office have been used to try to rescue a man overboard. Despite his quick thinking a launch with two rescuers in drysuits was required in the end to bring this accident to a happy ending.
Wednesday 16th April 2014

The Yacht Dice Game

We are pleased to launch the first version of our online Yacht Game. The yacht dice game does not seem to have anything to do with any kind of yacht that I am aware of but due to its name it seemed like the perfect game to adopt as our official game. The game was launched in the early hours of this morning in honour of my brother's birthday (he likes to play a commercial version of the game) and so you can happily fritter away a few moments on a Friday aft...
Friday 31st January 2014

Ian Williams in First Time German Victory

In an authoritative victory, Ian Williams of Team GAC Pindar won this year's Match Race Germany in Langenargen. This marks his very first success in the event, and has given him a promising position to work from going into the rest of the 2013 Alpari World Match Racing Tour. It was not necessarily a thrilling final race, as on the final day, only one encounter took place between Williams and his adversary Adam Minoprio of Tuesday 25th June 2013

Are You Cookie Compliant?

More than nine months since all UK websites were required to gain 'implied consent' from their users to use cookies to monitor their website visits most websites are still not doing so. The benefits of the EU directive that have lead to this law are debatable but it is now the law so companies have to abide by it by asking their users for consent. Many of the websites that are telling users that they are using cookies do nothing more than tell users that they are using cookies. We provide...
Tuesday 12th February 2013

Prices Going in One Direction

There are some really beautifully restored Series 1 Land Rovers around the 10k mark that are failing to sell on eBay at the moment. After hundreds of hours restoring their Landies I bet the owners are rather miffed that an average (but nice) Series 1 with a TDi engine is fetching 30,000 because an average boy band drove "the big Land Rover Defender thing" in their pop video. I suppose if Winston Churchill's Landy sold for 130k another famous Landy can sell at a premium too. I suppose the ...
Sunday 20th January 2013

Land Rover Series Looking for a Home

I've been chatting with a crofter called John who lives up in Arisaig on the west coast of Scotland. He is a really nice chap who would like someone to take his tax exempt SWB series 3, which we think server in the Royal Navy, and give it a new life. The chassis is beyond hope and there are a few vital parts missing but this would be an excellent project for someone that has the time and the skill. John is asking for just 150 for the Landy but even this sounds negotiable as long as you can g...
Friday 18th January 2013

RNLI Factory to be Built

The RNLI has been successful in applying for planning permission to build a new All-weather Lifeboat Centre at their Poole headquarters. This is great news not just for the RNLI who will save about 3.7m each year by being able to build their own boats but is also a great boost for the local economy with the creation of 90 new jobs. It will be interesting to see which other boat building yards spring up around Sunseeker and this new factory. This is going to be an amazing achievement for the ...
Thursday 10th January 2013